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  • The Highland Games is an instantly recognizable Scottish brand
  • International recognition, enormous brand awareness
  • Very positive associations, images are used widely in quality contexts
  • Connotations of quality, tradition, great sport and entertainment
  • With over 60 member events across the country there is a home-grown customer base for many facilities associated with events
  • Hundreds of health-aware athletes attend our events
  • We have large exposure with well over 1,000 competitions at events across the season, followed by over 150,000 spectators
  • Ideal slow burn, with an active season from April – Sept there\'s plenty time to drive a message home, and still

We service tens of thousands of visits to our website and handle enquiries from around the globe about Highland Games and all things Scottish

We can structure a varied package – from adverts online and in the Yearbook, to named leagues, championships, and even branded registration cards, winners\' certificates and running numbers – there are variations to suit a broad range of requirements.

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Scottish Highland Games Association has high standards and we\'re primarily interested in sponsors who also stand for quality.  If your organization is interested in getting more involved in sponsorship, please get in touch with the treasurer.