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Attention SHGA Athletes (Runners) 16yrs and over.
As a bit of fun and to fill a bit of the void left by the cancellation of all our summer events we invite you to enter for

Summer Handicap races 800m

Step 1 Identify a track, park, path or road where you could measure 800m as accurate as you can.
Step 2 Run a trial over the distance
Step 3 Send an entry with Name and time recorded to ig2shga@gmail before the 20th June
Step 4 SHGA will send you your handicap time in seconds
Step 4 Complete your entry/run, full 800m and record time as accurate as possible and email your time to before the end of the month
Step 5 SHGA will publish results at the beginning of July

No entry fee no prizes just bragging rights and if reasonable numbers participate we will repeat in July, August and September.

If youths (Under 16) would like something similar in July please email your interest to


Ian Grieve
SHGA Secretary
Tel 01334 476305

Published: 2020-06-06 20:40:11