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Lonach Gathering & HG[2021]Cancelled

A meeting was held last night with our Patron and the Lonach Society Management Committee and the decision was made to cancel this year's Lonach Highland Gathering & Games which was due to be held on Saturday 28th August 2021.
There are just too many unknowns for us to plan ahead and with no idea of what restrictions there may be in August this made planning and preparation very difficult. We also need to think of the health and wellbeing of our small community here in Strathdon as well as everyone who attends Lonach.
We are extremely disappointed to have to cancel for a second year, but we are looking forward to the 179th Lonach Games in 2022 and the 180th Lonach and 200th year of the Lonach Society in 2023 (a big occasion!).
Ho Ho Lonach!

Published: 2021-04-03 18:36:37