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League top two replicate positions in SHGA virtual 800 metres.


Writes Shane Fenton

With all Highland Games cancelled for 2020 owing to the Covid pandemic, competitors in all disciplines have been left with very little incentive to train as they normally would. Training facilities are closed and no competitions are in the offing.

To create a bit of interest among athletes the SHGA came up with an idea to promote a type of 'virtual fun' 800 metres handicap. The first of it's kind organised by the association.No prizes and no marks to argue about as 'the race' is self-handicapped. All we ask is for is ' a bit of nonesty and play the game'!

Entrants are asked to run a solo 800 metres, it can be on any surface. They then forward their times to the SHGA secretary . When all trial times are submitted handicaps will be formulated, the competitors then 'race' the same course again and once more send the their time to the secretary. When all times are received the results will be announced.

The results have now been issued for the inaugural run and the SHGA are pleased with how it worked out with all finishing times in reasonably close proximity considering the athletes are running solo and not in a racing environment.
8 runners participated, more would have been welcome, however if you look back over the 800 metres at all games last summer only a handful had more than that number take part.!

And coincidentally, the first two runners in the 'virtual fun ' race, Ewen Bradley and David Allan were the top two in the SHGA middle distance league in 2019.

If there is the interest it is hoped to stage another 'race' and one for youth athletes as well if there is sufficient numbers.  Hopefully the initial event will have whetted the appetitie for some of you who didn't take part and that you will support any further 'races'


1st Ewen Bradley   1:52.80

2nd David Allan 1;55.00

3rd Donald Bradley   1:57.50

4th Steph McDonald   1:58.00

5th John Thomson   1:58.60

6th Kobe Stevens   2:02.00

7th Fraser McDonald   2:08.00

8th Andrew Gibson   2:09.38.

Published: 2020-07-02 15:25:53