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In the current very testing circumstances for all and the difficult decisions that the various HG committees have had to make in recent weeks, the guidelines are outlined below for athletes -

Following the recent meeting of the Scottish Highland Games Association [SHGA] General Council it was unanimously agreed that all SHGA leagues for the 2020 season be held over. With almost 75% of member Games already cancelled and verbal indication that others are expected to make a similar decision in the coming days it was agreed that any leagues with the few if any Games that do go ahead would be meaningless.

It was further agreed, that on the basis that no leagues will be run, the annual SHGA Awards and the awards Dinner will not take place this year.

Athlete Registration - As a gesture of goodwill - and to encourage athletes to attend any events that do go ahead in 2020 - SHGA will allow any athlete to compete in 2020 without needing to pay a registration fee (or day fee). Additionally, SHGA will continue to provide the usual accident insurance free for all athletes that were registered in 2019, and extend this to any new athlete that competes in 2020, subject to the usual rules [New athletes’ name and address should be noted by the Games Secretary and/or SHGA Rep where they compete, as happens now with Day Reg, but no fee is payable in 2020]. Any athlete that has already registered will be refunded in due course.

Click here for snapshot of current position regarding cancellations

Published: 2020-04-22 17:41:32