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Inverkeithing HG -Cancelled


Saturday 8th August


   While very disappointing, I am sure that it will come as no great surprise that we have, reluctantly, decided to cancel this year's Inverkeithing Highland Games, originally scheduled for Saturday 8th August 2020.

SInce the Corona Virus emergency began, we have been working steadily towards Games Day in order to ensure that everything would be in order should things calm down. Unfortunately, it is becoming obvious that there is no clear end to the crisis and it is important that you, the athletes and spectators are able to concentrate on staying safe.

At the same time, our efforts are best directed towards ensuring that we have a good base of sponsors, advertisers, athletes and spectators for Saturday 7th August 2021, which will be the 50th anniversary of our Games being resurrected.

Frank Coyle -Inverkeithing HG.

Published: 2020-04-09 12:43:02